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Hyundai Ideal

HyundaiRPM is pleased to be a Hyundai Ideal Electric Co. authorized respresentative.

Hyundai Ideal is the market leader in medium power generators for gas, steam and hydro turbines, and diesel engines.

Hyundai Electric's product line includes all types of industrial switchgear and rotating equipment. Current capabilities range from standard 125 HP hermetic induction motors to customized 20,000 KVA water-cooled synchronous generators.

Hyundai Product Line

We offer the following products for the oil and gas, power generation, water and wastewater and pulp/paper industries.

  • Synchronous Motors & Generators

  • Induction Machines (2300-13.8kV)

  • Hydro Electric Generators

  • "Drop-in" Replacements/Retrofits

  • Switchgear (Metal-Clad /5kV & 15kV Class)

  • Download Hyundai Product Brochures